A trip to the park on a sunny Autumn day. Idyllic it is not!


Taking Daddy to the park to show him how I try to make friends (by shoving people and invading their personal space obvs 😳)and what a daredevil I am at running in front of the swings…I did that twice just to increase his and mummy’s heart rate a couple of times. Plus mummy can’t run after me as fast now she is 7 months pregnant so I can get even closer to an accident…it’s great fun hearing her yell my name…it’s like a primal scream and I find it hilarious πŸ˜‚.  Mummy leaves the park with silent tears rolling down her cheeks because once again people were looking at me like the naughty kid, I’m not naughty I’m autistic and I don’t understand danger nor social norms. Oh yeah, we called to the shop on the way home and I managed to lose daddy’s grip of my hand and managed to almost run into a car. That’s how we roll on a Sunday #neveradullmoment



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