I wish I was a mind reader…


Part of our daily ritual, an absolute must is that the monster has to go on the tablet the minute he gets downstairs in the morning. I allow this until breakfast is done. It allows me to do important things like catch up on emails, the news and of course check out what’s happened in social media land!

It’s a choice of BBC IPlayer for Kids or trusty old YouTube to come up with the goods and 9 times out of 10 they do (hooray!). But take today for example, Postman Pat worked for a while and then he brought me the tablet to indicate he wanted to watch something else. I go through the regulars….

Me: Fireman Sam?

Him: *shakes head*

Me:  Peppa Pig?

Him:*shakes head*

Me: Topsy and Tim

Him: *shakes head*

… (sometime later)…

Me: The Furchester Hotel ?

Him: *dramatically nods*

 Yippeeee! All I need to do is find it, put it on and he will be happy. Or not.

I don’t know exactly what he wanted this morning but it definitely wasn’t The Furchester Hotel (A shame because I’m so over hearing that screeching Norman Price on Fireman Sam and Special Delivery Service from Postman Pat!) Waving profusely at the screen,  jabbering away in his own mumblings and physically putting my finger on the tablet to turn it off. He was not happy. We went through the whole options again and again….and again! Each time him pointing and nodding to indicate what he wanted but when I put it on I was met with the same head shaking. A mind reader I am not (I have to remind his Dad this on a fairly regular basis)

Other Half: “Did you get me XYZ today, I’ve run out”

Me: “No, I didn’t know, you didn’t tell me”

Other Half: *mutters unrecognisable / words not to be repeated*

Me: “I’m not a mind reader!”

Sorry, I digress! 

The frustration is real. For both of us. Eventually he bursts into tears. Big. Fat. Unreserved tears. I hug him tightly and wipe away the tears and splodges of snot from his face and unfortunately my bare arms (gross!). He’s so frustrated that he can’t tell me what he wants. Frustrated because I don’t understand him. I’m sad because I don’t know what he wants. I think perhaps he is thinking of a particular episode he wanted to watch but without him being able to talk I don’t know.

This is becoming fairly typical. Him wanting something and me not understanding what. Of course, many toddlers are the same. They say one thing and mean another (My other half would probably argue I’m the same!). It must be so damn frustrating not being able to communicate exactly what you want.

To help with communication we are still working on the signing and the visual picture boards are work in progress. In the meantime, I’ll take the tears, lumps of gooey snot and the physical pinching, smacking and lashing out.

Today, I wish I was a mind reader.


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