I get nervous leaving my autistic child at nursery and then this made my day…

​I always wonder how The Monster gets on at nursery as we are so reliant on staff to tell us what he’s been up to. 

There are occasional, definite perks to him being non-verbal. For example it doesn’t matter if you drop something heavy on your toe and shout “Oh Shit”, or you can let out a big fart without the worry of him running back to Daddy to tell him and you don’t have the embarasing questions at the checkout at the supermarket.  Of course these are all hypothetical examples 😉.  As you can imagine there are many, many disadvantages to being non-verbal. 
Do his peers accept him even though he’s a bit different? What has he been doing? Has had a good or bad day?  What has he had to eat? Has anyone been mean to him? Are the staff telling me the truth? 

I ask myself the same sort of things you ask when you leave a baby at nursery…only you’re leaving them in a room with rampant toddlers who know their own minds. They all talk in long sentences, they know how to play with toys, they understand social norms and they have friends.  Even at this young age they spot the differences with their peers, as I once found out when a friends little one asked me why The Monster couldn’t speak. It completely threw me. It was then I realized that they knew he was different. Until then, I thought it was just adults who noticed. 

Today, when we left nursery one of his class mates gave him a huge cuddle and a big kiss. I’d say he likes him. It made my day ☺. 


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