You are the unknown in my sons life,

The wait and see, 

The summit of a mountain we are yet to climb,

The thing that needs so many questions, yet gives no answers.
You are the thief of my sons voice,

The reason he can’t tell us he loves us,

The fidgety cuddle,

The line them up, tower them up, break them up,

The not always recognised disability. 

You are the destiny to our lives,

The unstopabble force,

The energy that never burns out

The bounce as near to the edge as you can,

The countless hours of laying awake in bed.

You are the most obvious in a crowded room, 

The unstoppable tears falling,

The worry for the here and now,

The worry for the future,

A spin, 

A flap,

A grunt,

A sign,

The hide under the covers and get away from it all,

The squeal at the top of his lungs,

The uninvited guest who turned up out of the blue,

The re-writing of our “happily ever after”
Autism, you are the unknown. The most unknown member of our family yet you’re welcome to take us on our journey.


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