Autism-proofing – The quirky way!

Sometimes when things break in our home they do so in a way that makes our home safer for our autistic son. Now I’m not suggesting y’all go around breaking things to autism-proof your home but sometimes there is a silver lining when things go kaput! There are several examples that spring to mind in our home:

1. The hot tap on the sink in our bathroom is so stiff we can’t turn it on. Our son has a real affinity to water and wouldn’t think twice of using the hot tap so it’s safer if we don’t attempt to fix it. Cold washes all around….brrrr!

2. Several door handles throughout the house need adjusting. We can operate them with ease but our son can’t open them once they are shut as he can’t pull the handles down enough to operate them. There are definite benefits to cordening off areas!

3. Our front gate jams shut and you either have to kick it or body slam against it with brut force to open it. This is my favorite ‘safety feature’ as it means he can’t out of the garden whilst locking the door etc – It’s also amusing watching cold callers and people delivering menus and other such tosh trying to open it!

4. The baby gate at the top of the stairs has broke (yes we still need to use baby gates even though he is 4). It’s locking mechanism doesn’t automatically open when lifting the handle and needs to be done manually – an added safety feature in our eyes!

So you know the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?” Well on our case the opposite is sometimes true – “if it is broke, still don’t fix it!”

Do you have any quirky safety features in your home?


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