Hello and welcome!

Grab yourself a cuppa / G&T, large voddy, proesecco (or whatever else takes your fancy) and sit back and join us on our journey where I will endeavor to share the ramblings of our family of three (almost 4) consisting of  Mum, Dad and a 3 year old boy.

The three year old is non verbal, autistic and has sensory processing disorder.  He rocks our world every day. Life isn’t always easy….but whose is!? Here, I will vent and share our journey in the hope that it raises awareness and possibly helps others going through a similar journey to us.

If you know us, please respect our anonymity on here and refrain from using our real names on any comments etc. For the purposes of the blog, we will be referred to as the following:

Three year old: The Monster (In the most affectionate way, obvs!)


Dad: Other half / my fella / Daddy and probably some choice names depending on the subject 🙂 (he most definitely will not be referred to as hubby as he refuses to put a ring on my finger 😂)


Mum/me: Mummy, super star, goddess, saint (ha, i’m joking).


Bump: Bean* will change this to an actual person in approx 10 weeks!!

Right, let’s see where this takes us….