First Week of School

Imagine spending your whole life where, aside from a very small handful of people, nobody really gets you. Where you're the only one struggling to get your needs met, and the only one who can't talk. Where you are the odd one out. Then one day you go to this place [school] where everybody uses …

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Letter to my sons nursery SENCO

Dear Hannah, Before you rush off on your secondment to manage another nursery, I wanted to let you and everyone else know how much my family have valued you, particularly over recent months with the dreaded EHCP process.  The Monster started at the nursery you work at as a two year old. We knew back …

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​My Love / Hate relationship with our NHS

A couple of things have happened this week which has made me reflect on my experience with our NHS. It's left me thinking, love it or loathe it?  As some of you know, it took around two years to get The Monster's autism diagnosis - that's pretty good, and we are considered lucky to get a diagnosis …

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